Residential Building Surveys

Buying a house is an exciting prospect. It is also a significant investment. Therefore, it is important to be fully aware of the condition of the property before you buy, so you are aware of any problems with the building and understand the potential extent of future repairs and maintenance.

As Chartered Building Surveyors regulated by the RICS, we have carried out many surveys on various types and ages of property. Our specialism within this area lies in undertaking the more detailed surveys recognised by the RICS known as the Level 2 and 3 surveys (previously called 'Residential Building Survey' or 'Structural Survey').

Unlike a Level 1 survey (Home Buyer's Report), which provides only a snapshot of the property and is used mostly for modern houses in which few problems are expected, Level 2 and 3 surveys are a thorough inspection of all accessible parts of a property and provide extensive information on the construction and condition of the property.

While Level 2 and 3 Surveys are particularly suited to pre-1960s or larger/unusual residential properties, they can also be adapted to more modern houses and other types of properties.

At Applewoods Surveying, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with value for money by generating an in-depth, tailored report that is unique to the property - with no standard paragraphs or clauses. Our surveys are systematic and thorough and include inspections of drains and loft areas and cursory tests of the services.

We highlight minor and major defects and their likely causes and suggest remedial actions. We also provide recommendations for general improvements to the property. Furthermore, with our extensive experience in Architectural Design, we are able to provide guidance on extending and altering the property.

Our reports are easy to read and include photographs to illustrate issues found and a summary that captures the significant points.

If you have any questions about Residential Building Surveys, would like a quote or require advice about an existing survey, please don’t hesitate to contact us.